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The End of the World is Coming Soon.

The seven planets line up every 12,000 years. The last time this happened, there was a Cataclysm, an interplanar invasion, and a Curse which polluted the bloodlines of a mighty empire. The next time this is going to happen is in about 60 days.

This is an epic 3.5e campaign. The party has, over the course of the campaign, pieced together the ancient history of the last Cataclysm, foiled repeated diabolical attempts to drag the plane into the Blood War, and become made men in the Syndicates which form their home country’s government.

The campaign is loosely based in the city of Opal. Opal is the plane’s metropolis, and all roads (OK well rivers and caravan paths) literally lead to it. Opal and its aligned city states are ruled by five Syndicates: